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Sara Bicknell BA(Hons), MA, Dip Psych, UKCP
Counselling & Psychotherapy in the Bath area

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21st July 2024 
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Psychotherapy & Couples Counselling in Bath

"Everything becomes a little different
as soon as it is spoken out loud"

Herman Hesse


In my Psychotherapy and Counselling practice in Bath I offer a welcoming, safe, supportive and confidential space in which to talk about your present difficulties and problems and where relevant, their links with past experiences. We can explore your feelings and fears as well as your hopes, aspirations and values. I offer guidance and support to explore the possibilities of change and work creatively with you to help you connect to your potential to make choices which increasingly reflect the life you want to live and the relationship you want to have.

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Couples and Individuals

I am a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and trained at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London. I have 20 years experience and following a recent sabbatical break I am now returning to practice and from September 2016 have some space for couples. I offer psychotherapy and counselling in Bath and the surrounding area, seeing clients from Bristol, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

"You alone can do it, but perhaps you cannot do it alone"
O Hobart Mowrer

Issues and problems I have experience of working with which Counselling and Psychotherapy can help with include:

  • Relationship and Marriage difficulties.Problems communicating.

  • Issues to do with Sexuality and Sexual problems. Infertility.

  • Lack of Confidence, Low Self Esteem and the effects of Bullying.

  • Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks.

  • Health Problems, Chronic Fatigue and Illness. Work-related issues.

  • Crises of purpose and meaning. Loss of direction. Questions around Identity, Self Exploration and MidLife

  • Depression. Feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and of isolation.

  • The effects of addictive behaviour

  • Bereavement and coping with Loss and Change.

"In the depth of winter I finally learnt that there was in me
an invincible summer"

Albert Camus

Psychotherapy and Couples Counselling Bath